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Some reactions to the deal

A couple of more thoughts from me...I think this deal ends up hinging on how good you think Nick Masset is. I've seen him ranked as high as the Rangers' 2nd best starting prospect...and if he's better than Eric Hurley, then this trade is problematic.

If Masset is a nice, live arm, who seems to be figuring some things out, but isn't a top-150 type prospect, then this deal isn't so problematic.

This also drives home to me the complexities of dealing with players as individuals. I know a lot of folks here have been following John Danks for some time, have watched him develop, followed him at Frisco. I got to meet him and his mother just last week, and found them to be delightful folks. If for no other reason than that, I'd hoped that John Danks would stay in the organization and be a Ranger for a while.

There seems to be little doubt from those who have followed him that Danks is going to be a quality major league pitcher, that it will just be a matter of staying healthy.

There also seems to be little doubt, though, that Brandon McCarthy is viewed the same way, and is seen as having a greater upside.

McCarthy can come in and join the rotation immediately, and could be a legit #1 starter. Danks is a half-year to a year away, and his upside is generally seen as a #2 or #3.

Tough deal to evaluate. Gutsy deal to pull the trigger on...the safe thing for Jon Daniels, Thad Levine, et al would have been to pass, to continue to wait on the guys in place.

I'm going to throw links up here, as I see them...

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Update [2006-12-23 19:55:13 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Nate Silver gives the edge to the ChiSox, based on McCarthy's homer tendencies and his reputation for having coachability issues.

Update [2006-12-23 21:52:2 by Adam J. Morris]: -- David Pinto at Baseball Musings calls it a deal that helps both teams...

Update [2006-12-23 22:16:56 by Adam J. Morris]: -- T.R. Sullivan's article.