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Some Christmas night things

A few things I wanted to throw out there this evening...

South Side Sox weighs in on The Trade. They aren't happy.

Will Carroll says that the Rangers are "all but out" on Barry Zito. No big surprise there.

Evan Grant offers gifts to various folks on and associated with the Rangers...

Grant also wants folks to email him questions for an end-of-the-year Rangers mailbag. Please, please, please, folks, send in some good questions...I don't want a newsletter full of "When are the Rangers going to go back to red?" and "Why don't the Rangers trade Mark Teixeira for pitching?" questions.

The Transaction Oracle weighs in on The Trade, although not in a ton of detail.

And on a non-baseball note from tonight...Terrell Owens, 2 catches for 23 yards today, and 2 pretty huge drops. Earlier this season, in the loss to Philly, Owens had 3 catches for 45 yards. Nice to see him come up so big against his former team. Of course it looks like he'll have a third chance against them in the Wild Card round, with the Cowboys travelling to Philly to play there.

Update [2006-12-25 23:15:8 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Nevermind, the Cowboys will play Seattle, most likely. If the Cowboys win next week, and Philly loses, the Cowboys will play the #6 seed, which will not be Philly.