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Day after Christmas things

Well, I should have saved my post last night until this morning, because there's basically nothing out there today.

In fact, I was going to say that there is nothing, but then I saw BP's "This Week in Quotes". Several touching on the Brandon McCarthy/John Danks trade, with a sub-head referencing Jamey Newberg and Jay Mariotti, and this quote I hadn't seen from Kenny Williams:

"I have an answer to that question but should keep that to myself just out of respect for players that played for you. I think Brandon McCarthy is going to go down to Texas and be everything they feel he will be."
--Williams, on whether John Danks has a higher ceiling than McCarthy.

Well, that's a non-answer that appears to be designed to give an answer.

There's also a quote from Jerry Reinsdorf, whining about Harold Baines' lack of HOF support, and saying that if the ChiSox hadn't traded him, he'd have 3000 hits, because he claims they traded him twice "into bad situations where he was a platoon player."

That may have been true the second time, when he was dealt to the Orioles, but when Baines was traded to Texas, the Rangers didn't get him to be a platoon player.