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Thursday a.m. stuff

Not a whole lot of news today...

Evan Grant reports that Jon Daniels has confirmed that the Rangers have given Barry Zito a deadline of this weekend to the offer the Rangers have on the table to him. Grant says the offer is for 6 years, and believed to be worth a little more than $80 million.

That probably comes out to $14 million per year, and I imagine has a little wiggle room, should Boras decide to come back and make a counter. Still, though, it looks like the Rangers are about to drop out of the running, particularly with the Yankees looking at moving the Big Unit and jumping into the race for Zito.

Out of New York, the Journal News says this helps the Mets, although they also claim that no team has gone to six years (contrary to Evan Grant's report), claiming that the Rangers' offer to Zito is 5 years, $85 million.

Jim Reeves offers his take on the McCarthy/Danks trade, and echoes what a lot of us here are saying...good trade for Texas, even though he hates giving up Danks and Masset.

He also offers this little tidbit on why McCarthy was available:

And why did McCarthy suddenly become available? Let's just say that maybe he and Williams didn't see eye to eye and the 23-year-old speaks his mind.

He also includes a pet peeve of mine, describing McCarthy as two years older than Danks...McCarthy is 17 months older than Danks, closer to one year than two years.