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Kevin Mench's future in Milwaukee cloudy

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an article on the Brewers' outfield situation, saying that the team has decided that Bill Hall and Corey Hart need to play as much in the outfield as possible, which puts Kevin Mench's future with the Brewers in question.

Along with Hall and Hart, the Brewers have Mench, Geoff Jenkins (under contract for 2007 at $7 million), Brady Clark (under contract for 2007 at $3.8 million), Gabe Gross, Laynce Nix, and Tony Gwynn, Jr. The Brewers are trying to deal Jenkins, according to the J-S piece, as well as Mench, but after Mench's awful 2006 season, there's apparently little interest in him in the trade market, particularly since he's looking at about $4-4.5 million for 2007 in arbitration.

If the Brewers decide to go with Hall in centerfield, then Mench seems likely to end up in right, if the Brewers can deal Jenkins. However, if the Brewers decide that Hall and Hart should be in the corners, then Mench would seem to be gone, because I don't think Milwaukee is going to want to spend $4 million on a fourth outfielder.

It will be interesting to see how this plays is remarkable how quickly Mench's star has fallen, and I wouldn't be real surprised if he ends up non-tendered, making him a free agent.