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On Mulder and Drew

Evan Grant says the Rangers are still talking to Mark Mulder about a deal, and are quite interested in him, even if he couldn't contribute until the All-Star Break.

And SI is reporting that the BoSox have signed J.D. Drew to a 5 year, $70 million deal.

Too much for Drew. I'm glad the Rangers passed.

Update [2006-12-5 20:56:46 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Will Carroll talked about Drew's knee problems in a chat about a year ago:

jacksonreams (Washington, DC): What exactly is wrong with J.D. Drew's knees? How long of a career can we expect him to have? Thanks for doing this chat Will. You da man.

Will Carroll: Drew has both cartilage problems and a history of patellar tendinitis. The tendonitis (yes, I just used both acceptable spellings of the malady) was addressed surgically, though it will always be a problem. I'd expect him to have a few more seasons of productive ball in him, but he's not going to be playing much longer than this contract, I'd guess.