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Yes, even more stuff...

Someone I know in the Bay Area says that he heard a report on the radio there, saying that the Giants had offered Barry Zito 6 years, $100 million.

Joe Sheehan weighs in on the Padilla deal.

Tim Cowlishaw has a chat session up, and says that Barry Zito is worth ponying up for, doesn't think Vernon Wells will be a Ranger, and fields a question from someone who asks if the Rangers will have a better record than the Royals in 2007.

T.R. Sullivan has an article up, saying that the Rangers aren't willing to come close to the $100 million Zito wants, although Sullivan indicates that the Rangers are primarily focusing on Zito right now, with any other major moves seemingly on hold until that situation gets resolved.

Sullivan also says that the Rangers walked away from trade discussions with the ChiSox when they asked for John Danks and Nick Masset for Jon Garland, and indicates that the centerfielder now on the radar screen for Texas is Jason Repko of the Dodgers, a plus defender who has decent on-base skills.

Again, depends on the cost, but if the Dodgers would take a Joaquin Benoit or a Scott Feldman for Repko -- and Sullivan indicates that L.A. is in the market for a reliever -- I think there may be a match that makes sense for both teams.