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The Seattle Times has a piece that says that the Rangers are expected to put together a $94 million offer for Barry Zito, which presumably would be a 6 year deal, at a tad over $15 million per. Still seems too high, to me...

It also referenced the Mariners' request for John Danks in exchange for Jeremy Reed, and says that that was a non-starter for the Rangers, although "talks are expected to continue."

Jerry Crasnick says Kenny Lofton is wanting $6 million on a one year deal, which is more than his suitors are willing to pay.

There's a story out of Arizona today, saying that the Rangers have asked about Dustin Nippert and Micah Owings from the D-Backs, but are reluctant to part with Otsuka or Wilson.

And T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy thoughts on Barry Zito.