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More things from the meetings

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T.R. Sullivan with an update, saying that Aaron Rowand would cost John Danks and Thomas Diamond, and suggesting that the Rangers sign both Kenny Lofton and Jay Payton.

Bleah on Jay Payton, particularly since signing both Lofton and Payton likely forces Jason Botts completely out of the picture.

The A's have signed Alan Embree to a two year deal, and are reportedly "closing in" on a deal with Mike Piazza.

Will Carroll says that he was "stunned" to get emails asking "Who is Jon Daniels?" after mentioning him yesterday. I have to agree, I find that remarkable, mainly because of all the news coverage Daniels got for being the youngest g.m. in baseball when he was hired...

ESPN is reporting that Ted Lilly has narrowed his choices down to the Cubs and the Yanks...

And Jerry Crasnick has a piece on J.D. Drew's decision to go to Boston, saying that Drew is one of the most "polarizing" figures in the game, saying that his decision to leave Los Angeles meant that "the image of Drew as a Bible-toting baseball mercenary was alive and well," and questioning whether he'll be able to stand up to the pressures of playing in Boston, where the fans are already reacting like Knicks fans hearing that Isiah Thomas picked Renaldo Balkman in the first round...