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ChiSox trade a pitcher, and other stuff

Jayson Stark says that the Phillies have traded Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd to the ChiSox for Freddy Garcia. Ken Rosenthal is also reporting the trade.

The Ranger equivalent to this would probably be John Danks and Edinson Volquez. Steep price Gillick paid there.

And this likely means that there won't be any deals between Texas and the ChiSox for starting pitching, although this may free up the Phillies to deal Jon Lieber.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers' top pitching choice continues to be Barry Zito, but that they've had some discussions with the A's about trading for one of Oakland's starting pitchers (in exchange for some of the Rangers pitching prospects), and are supposed to get a counter-offer from Mark Mulder this weekend.

The Cubs and Ted Lilly have agreed on a four year, $40 million deal. I'd rather have Padilla than Lilly.

There are reports out there that a Horacio Ramirez for Rafael Soriano trade has been consummated between the Braves and Mariners, but there are other reports saying it isn't final. Either way, a steal by the Braves, as Ramirez's peripherals suggest that he's another Damian Moss.

U.S.S. Mariner hates the deal, and seems to believe that it is done, which leads me to wonder if John Thomson isn't back in play, and a possible option for the Rangers.

Kevin Goldstein says the Oakland A's have worked out a deal with Tampa to get the first pick of the Rule 5 draft.