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Adam Dunn signs with Reds

Adam Dunn has signed a two year, $18 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds.

The deal reportedly includes a club option for 2008 at anywhere from $13 to $16 million, depending on Dunn's performance, and the option is limited to the Reds -- if Dunn is traded, the option is nullified, meaning Dunn would automatically be a free agent after 2007 if he were dealt.

Of particular note for the Rangers is that Dunn will be getting $10.5 million in 2007, his fifth-year-arbitration-eligible season. If Mark Teixeira doesn't sign an extension before the 2008 season, he'll be a fifth-year-arbitration-eligible player, with Adam Dunn being one of his closest comps, in terms of position and performance.

That $10.5 million pretty well sets the bar for what it will take, at a minimum, to lock up Teixeira for 2008.