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Rangers stuff this morning

A few Rangers notes this morning...

Gerry Fraley has an item on Michael Young being named to the American team in the WBC as a second baseman. That makes the most sense, of course, although really, I don't particularly care about the WBC.

I'm not anti-WBC, mind you...I'm not one of those folks railing about how this will trash arms and lead to a rash of injuries. I'm just not particularly interested in it. Maybe I'll change my mind once they start playing...

The Angels are supposed to hear today from Jeff Weaver on the two year deal they've offered him. Supposedly, it is 2 years, $18 million, which is good, as far as I'm concerned...he's not worth that much, and he'll cost Anaheim a draft pick, so all the better for Texas.

The L.A. Times claims that the Rangers have been courting Weaver, although from what I've seen, their interest has been lukewarm, at best.

Finally, Kat O'Brien has an article today about Buck Showalter and Jon Daniels believing that the Rangers have narrowed the gap between them and the top of the A.L. West.

At this point, I'm thinking that the Rangers are probably a 2nd place team, behind Oakland and ahead of Anaheim...