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Jayson Stark column

Jayson Stark with a new column up, over at

It is a bulletpoint pre-season column, with things like "most improved teams," "worst free agent signings," etc.

Two Rangers mentions...under "most outrageous contracts," we have Kevin Millwood:

3. Rangers burn all reminders of their uplifting five-year-deal-to-Chan Ho Park experience, then toss a five-year, $60-million contract Kevin Millwood's way, even though concerns over his shoulder and elbow issues were written into his previous contract in Cleveland. The good news: At least they can void the fifth year if he turns into a physical wreck.

As I've said before, it is a 4 year, $42 million deal with a $12 million fifth year vesting option. I realize that presented that way, it doesn't sound as outrageous, or provide such a convenient juxtaposition with the Ho deal, which I guess is why there's a reluctance to report it that way...

Then we have this nice little tidbit:

Special Executive Citation: John Hart gets eight years, at about $500,000 a year, from the Rangers to hit pitching wedges, consult from the putting green and not interview for anyone else's GM jobs. No human being in baseball -- player, executive or even owner -- has a longer contract.

This is the first time I've seen a dollar amount on the consulting contract.

I have no idea what John Hart has on Tom Hicks...but whatever it is, it is inexplicable.