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Some BP Rangers stuff

Baseball Prospectus has a couple of Rangers items in their "free" section right now...

Today, there's a Prospectus Notebook on the Rangers up, that focuses on the Rangers' lack of production from the centerfield spot in the last decade (sadly, they point out that Gabe Kapler was about as good as it has gotten out there), and the solution to that problem that Brad Wilkerson provides.

Also, it was pointed out to me that I hadn't linked Will Carroll's Team Health Report for the Rangers. Most of the THR's are in the pay section, but the Ranger one is free, and it gives a real nice breakdown of how the Rangers look, injury-risk-wise, for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with the THR's, an explanation of the system can be found here.

A couple of things I think are worth noting...the entire outfield (Dellucci, Wilkerson and Mench) got "yellow" lights (on a green/yellow/red scale). One of the things that is up in the air still is how many backup outfielders there will be on the team...but with all three guys having had problems staying healthy in the past, I think there's probably a need to keep two backup outfielders around, unless we want to be subjected to more Dumpmaster D in right field.

Carroll compares Wilkerson's effort in the field to Lenny Dykstra (although for the Ranger fan, Rusty Greer might be a more appropriate comp), and that sort of effort obviously makes one more prone to injuries. One of the biggest factors in the Rangers' potential success this year may very well be how healthy Brad Wilkerson is...

Carroll's comments on the three new veteran starters are also noteworthy, with Millwood, Eaton and Padilla getting green, yellow and red, respectively.

Good stuff, as always, and worth checking out...

Also, though there are no Rangers questions, there's also a transcript from Carroll's Valentine's Day chat session up at BP.

And finally, BP's stat of the day is the "5 Worst 2005 A.L. Bullpens...and not surprisingly, the Rangers crack the list, with the 4th worst bullpen (in terms of expected wins added) from last season.