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Hershiser resigns

As has been rumored for a few days, Orel Hershiser has resigned from his front office job with the Rangers, according to Evan Grant.

Grant reports that Hershiser didn't return a phone call seeking comment, and that Jeff Cogen, whom Hershiser answered to in his new front office role, declined comment.

Again, word of this had been swirling for a few days, so this isn't really a surprise. It doesn't look like this is a particularly happy parting...Hershiser had been brought in by John Hart as a "special assistant" to Hart, and initially seemed to be Hart's first choice to replace him once Grady Fuson was forced out. But after Hershiser lost out to Jon Daniels in succeeding Hart, and then supposedly irritated the Rangers braintrust with his reportedly overly-aggressive pursuit of a role with the post-DePodesta Dodgers, it seemed inevitable he'd leave the Rangers.

My only real question is, why did Hershiser take a job that was characterized by one poster here as being a "glorified ticket seller" in the first place? It seems like, once the decision was made by whomever -- either Orel or Buck -- that Orel wasn't coming back as pitching coach, it would have made more sense for Hershiser to leave, rather than getting some desk job in the business side of the organization.