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Speaking of Blalock...

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Evan Grant with a feature on Hank Blalock...

In a nutshell...Blalock, Buck and Rudy think Blalock needs to hit better, and can hit better.

In particular, Grant talks about Rudy Jaramillo instructing Blalock not to do a lot of hitting this offseason, because he wanted to spend the spring working with him on his timing:

Blalock was often thrown off by off-speed stuff last year, much as he was as a rookie in 2002. He came back the next spring, made adjustments to get in better position to hit the change-up and batted .300.

The problems with the off-speed pitches last year were pretty obvious to anyone watching him much...and yet, those were pitches he was handling the previous couple of years.

This is a big season for Blalock...he really needs to bounce back to where he was in 2003-2004...