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On some pitchers

T.R. Sullivan notes that a couple of sleeper candidates for the pitching staff have emerged.

Rick Bauer, an NRI who has been in the Orioles system, has gotten Mark Connor's attention, as has Jesse Carlson.

I talked about Carlson at some length when he signed, and think he definitely could be a contributor in the pen, although the drafting of Fabio Castro (and requirement that Castro stick on the 25 man roster all season) definitely makes the possibility of Carlson making the team less likely. But it isn't surprising he's turning heads early...

Sullivan also says that Nick Regilio, who was supposed to be fully recovered from last season's surgery, is having arm problems again, underwent an MRI on his right elbow, and is supposed to be discussing the result with Dr. Keith Meister, the team physician, soon. Regilio is one of a plethora of possible options for the Rangers pen, but he's pretty low, I'd thinking, in the pecking order, so losing him would hurt depth somewhat, but shouldn't have a major impact.