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More Monday morning stuff

Kat O'Brien has a piece on the Rangers' coaching staff changes. You can see within it how the Hershiser departure is being spun, as O'Brien reports that "Hershiser's contract was not renewed," indicating that the Rangers opted not to bring him back...I guess they want to be clear that they dumped Orel, he didn't dump them.

Bobby Jones has replaced DeMarlo Hale, and Dom Chiti replaces Hershiser. O'Brien says that Jones and Chiti are known "for having fiery demeanors," which should add an interesting element to things this year.

Jan Hubbard in the S-T says that Rick Bauer is in the mix for the #5 starter spot...

Bauer has spent most of his career as a mediocre reliever for the Orioles, so I'm at something of a loss to figure out where all this is coming from. Hopefully, it is just talk...I'd much rather see Juan Dominguez in that spot...

In former Ranger news, the Nationals supposedly talked to the Red Sox about sending their Soriano problem to Boston, but the BoSox weren't interested.

Meanwhile, the Padres continue to accumulate crappy former Rangers pitchers. Not only are they still in the running for Pedro Astacio, they've added Doug Brocail. Who's next...Gary Mielke?

And finally, former Rangers assistant g.m. Dan O'Brien has joined former Ranger g.m. Doug Melvin in Milwaukee. O'Brien had a disastrous reign as the Cincy g.m., and was canned when new ownership took over this winter.