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A bizarre T.R. Sullivan mailbag

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag up at, and it is, for lack of a better term, weird.

Maybe it is just that, at this point, everything that can be answered has already been asked, and we have to wait until later in the spring.

But the questions posed include:

Why don't the Rangers get Terrell Owens or Ray Lewis? (Seriously, this is the first question).

Why don't the Rangers get a baserunning coach to teach Mike Young and David Dellucci how to steal?

Should Mark DeRosa start ahead of Ian Kinsler at second base, since he's more experienced?

Why is everyone picking the Rangers to finish last?

Will the Rangers trade Mench or Nix for pitching? (I have to assume this question is left over from last year or the year before, since the rotation and bullpen look better stocked right now than the outfield does)

And of course, my favorite, a variation on the old standby...what's the status of Jeff Zimmerman?