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More on C. Young and Eaton

The discussion in the comments in the below post on the Chris Young/Adam Eaton trade reminds me of a couple of little factoids I've been meaning to post.

One of the main things that the supporters (or at least, non-detractors) of the trade point to is that Eaton pitched very well before he got hurt last season. He had finally put it together and was pitching like a #1, while Chris Young will never be anything more than a #4 starter. Plus, Young doesn't pitch deep enough into games, and he taxes the bullpen...

But it is worth pointing out...

When Eaton went on the d.l. in mid-June, he had a 3.42 ERA.

The day Eaton went on the d.l., Chris Young had a 2.78 ERA.

And innings pitched, when Eaton went on the d.l.? 81 2/3 for Eaton in 14 games, 77 2/3 for Young in 13 games. If you take out the start where Eaton got pulled early, that led to him going on the d.l., Eaton had 79 1/3 IP and a 3.18 ERA in 13 games.

So, during that span when Eaton had supposedly "figured it out" and had finally reached his potential, he was still being out-pitched by Chris Young, and wasn't really pitching any deeper into games than Young was.