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Danny Bautista back on the radar

Last season, I decried the ongoing rumors that the Rangers were going to bring Danny Bautista -- another crappy player from Buck's time in Arizona -- to Texas to play right field.

He ended up signing with the D-Rays, and then retiring because of foot injuries.

Unfortunately, Bautista is back. He is working out for the Rangers, and hopes to sign a minor league deal with the team:

He says he is healthy now and would like to play for the Rangers.

"So far, I want to play for the Rangers," Bautista said. "I want to play for Buck [Showalter]. He's like family to me."

You know, I wish that a good player would talk about how he wants to play for Buck, rather than this litany of scrubs he tends to attract.

Bautista can't play. He's not even a good 4th outfielder at this point. About the only thing he has going for him is that he's a righthanded hitter, and he might be better than Phil Nevin.

Hopefully, this is just a courtesy look, and Bautista will end up going elsewhere.