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More on the BA top 10

Some comments over at BTF by Mike Emeigh on the BA Rangers top 10 list...

I don't have a solid enough feel for DVD to be able to put them in any particular order, although Volquez's lack of domination at any level last year does lead me to lean towards agreeing with Emeigh, that Volquez should be behind Diamond and Danks.

Arias, who is at four, I'm still not sold on, of course. I don't see what the hype is about, and I still see him as someone who may turn out to be Cristian Guzman or Shawon Dunston. The reports on him are all about how he "has the tools to be" a great defensive player and hit for power, but he's not doing it right now, and with his awful walk rate, he's never going to be a good OBP guy. I'd much rather have Kinsler (who BA has too low) than Arias.

Teagarden and Mayberry at 9 and 10 is a joke, but it is typical of BA's bias towards the unknown over the known. They tend to get way too excited about fresh draftees. Josh Rupe and Scott Feldman are both probably more worthy.

Finally, Emeigh is on the C.J. Wilson bandwagon, as well. I still don't see what all the Wilson hype is about. I know folks who have seen him talk about his great fastball and, more importantly it seems, all the intangibles...the fearlessness, the self-confidence, and all those other things you normally hear about, say, R.A. Dickey. But I still see a guy who is 25 years old, and has a very limited track record of success, both in the minors and in the majors.