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Rangers and Pads today

Vicente Padilla, who was going to start for the Rangers against the Padres in today's game, apparently did okay, since the Padres only scored one run in the first four innings, and Padilla likely only went 3 or 4 innings.

It is, as of this posting, 6-4 Rangers in the bottom of the 6th. I don't know who was to come in after Padilla, but apparently they got knocked around.

And Ian Kinsler has hit his second homer of the spring. Yay!

Update [2006-3-10 19:48:50 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Box score up now...LSB favorite Rashad Eldridge had a double in 2 ABs, while among pitchers, Wasdin, Durocher, and a "J Diaz" all got knocked around...