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Monday morning stuff

Evan Grant has some notes on Francisco Cordero and C.J. Wilson throwing to hitters yesterday, with Buck Showalter saying that Cordero is ahead of where he was last season at this time. They are both apparently going to throw in a B game on Wednesday.

Showalter also says that the "real" evaluation of Juan Dominguez and Josh Rupe begins now, with their performance over their next few outings determining whether one of them cracks the rotation. Edison Volquez gets one more "freebie" outing, today, and then he goes under the microscope, as well.

Jason Botts went 3 for 6 with two homers in the B game, although the wind was apparently blowing out.

Kat O'Brien has a feature on Kevin Mench, which looks at his dedication to answering fan mail and his bond with the Rangers fans.

And Jennifer Floyd Engels has a piece on Phil Nevin's attempted comeback.