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T.R. Sullivan mailbag

Q&A from T.R. Sullivan...most relevant question is about Juan Dominguez:

Juan Dominguez threw 40 pitches to get out of the first inning in his first outing of the spring. How do you think that this will affect his chance of getting the fifth spot in the rotation and if he doesn't get it, who is the next candidate behind him?
-- Jarret Q., Mesquite, Texas

The Rangers seemed to be divided on what to do with Dominguez.

There are those who love his talent and think he should be given a chance as the fifth starter.

There are also those who just don't trust him regardless of talent because he is so unpredictable off the field. The debate rages on.

The Rangers also seem unsure about C.J. Wilson.

There are those who would like to see him as the fifth starter because the Rangers need a left-hander in the rotation. Then there are those who feel he would be better suited to the bullpen.

Josh Rupe was being given a serious look as the fifth starter, but he has come up with a sore elbow and has been sent back to Texas for examination.

R.A. Dickey remains a serious candidate; it will all depend on how quickly he comes with the knuckleball. But he seems to be grasping the concept quite well.

Thomas Diamond still seems to have a shot. As for John Danks and Edison Volquez, they have pitched well in spring but still seem likely to start the season in the Minor Leagues.

Of course there is still Roger Clemens hanging out there.

Hopefully, that faction that is pushing for Dominguez to be put in the rotation and left alone ends up carrying the day, although I'm kind of curious about who it is within the organization that is championing him, and who has soured on him.

There are also a couple of questions on Joaquin Arias and Ian Kinsler, and a "where is Juan Gonzalez?" question...