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No torn ligament for Rupe

The results from Josh Rupe's MRI indicate no torn elbow ligament, which is really good news...

Obviously, given Rupe's age and symptoms, the biggest fear was a torn ligament, which would have resulted in T-J surgery and Rupe missing the entire 2006 season.

Buck Showalter says that the plan is to give Rupe 10 days to rest, and then let him start throwing again.

This sort of layoff would seem to make it almost impossible for him to win the fifth starter job, but if he works himself back after the layoff, he could be in a position where, after a few outings in AAA, he'd be ready to pitch in the majors by the end of April.

For those of us who want Juan Dominguez to get a shot, this is probably about as good of news as we could have hoped for. Rupe being out for a short period of time makes it less likely that the Rangers trade for a veteran. And if it does look like he (or C.J. Wilson, who is dealing with a hamstring problem) will be ready to join the rotation, if need be, by the end of April, then the Rangers would seem to be more likely to stick Juan Dominguez in there and give him 5 starts or so, knowing that if he flops, there are backup options available.