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Wednesday stuff

Not much to talk about this morning...

Other than the Josh Rupe situation, Danks v. Bonds was the big story from yesterday, with Richard Durrett's game story in the DMN dealing solely with Danks' performance.

Jan Hubbard has a piece on Bonds, and the Rangers' reactions to being on the same field with him this spring.

In the wake of yesterday's solid performance, Jennifer Floyd Engel is pushing John Danks for the #5 spot in the rotation. Unbelievably bad idea, although having read recent columns (particularly those on the Rangers), Engel's role at the S-T seems to be to provide schtick, not substance, to the sports page.

But regardless, Danks is 20 years old, has yet to have success above A-ball, and isn't on the 40 man roster, which means unless he sticks all season (which would be a major upset), you'd end up using an option on him when you sent him back to the minors later this season, burning his first option unnecessarily.

Even if he hadn't put up a 5+ ERA in Frisco last year, he's too young to be subjected to the physical rigors of being a major league starter, and pushing him so soon is a good way to trash his arm and derail his career.

Danks as the #5 starter on Opening Day is just an unbelievably awful idea...particularly given that you have a perfectly serviceable #5 starter already available in Juan Dominguez. Engel seems dismissive of the notion of using Dominguez, calling him a "coach killer" because he is so undependable, but we also have this ray of hope from her column:

It should be noted the general manager seems less down on him than the rest of the Rangers organization.

"I'm aware of where the industry stands in regards to pitching, how tough it is to come by," Jon Daniels said. "Partially, for that reason, I am in the business of giving guys the opportunity to impress us, and that's where that stands."

He doesn't want to wash his hands of Dominguez only to watch him become his John Thomson. He also does not have a lot of other options at this moment, aside from Volquez.

The linking of Dominguez to John Thomson seems rather bizarre -- it seems like the more apt comparison would be Dominguez being Daniels' Doug Davis. Thomson was a guy allowed to walk as a free agent after one solid but unspectacular season in Texas, because the Rangers were reluctant to meet his asking price. And it should also be noted that Thomson's departure is the reason why Eric Hurley is a Ranger...

But if Daniels is as pro-Dominguez as Buck seems to be anti-Dominguez, I feel better about Dominguez's chances of breaking camp as the #5 starter.

The other name Engel throws out is Edison Volquez, whom she describes as the "safest option." Again, I have to vehemently disagree with that...Volquez posted a 4+ ERA in both high-A and AA last year, got hit hard in his brief major league stint, and likely needs more time in the minors before he's going to be ready.

If the Rangers are serious about getting off to a good start and winning games early in the season, then they'll give Juan Dominguez the ball and let him pitch.