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Box score for today, and Dominguez to start tomorrow

Box score up for today's game, with Kam Loe going 4 2/3 solid innings, giving up 4 hits, 0 walks and striking out two.

An apparently adventuresome outing for Fabio Castro, as well, as he struck out 2, walked 2 and gave up a hit in just 1 inning.

Juan Dominguez gets the start tomorrow, and Richard Durrett says it is a "critical outing" for Dominguez.

Buck doesn't sound real optimistic:

"He's got some things he's been working on," Rangers manager Buck Showalter said. "Hopefully it will come into play [today] if he's going to stay in this competition."

Meanwhle, Durrett floats a new name out there as the Rangers' potential #5 starter -- John Wasdin. about a buzzkill. The idea of John Wasdin as the 5th starter this year -- a AAAA pitcher with a long track record of ineptitude in that role, a guy who had pitched poorly enough early this spring that he was in danger of losing his job as the long man -- is disheartening. I'd rather see R.A. Dickey in the rotation than Wasdin.

Hopefully, there's nothing to that...

Durrett also says that John Danks is expected to start the season at AA, while Thomas Diamond is expected to start the season at AAA. Again, I hope Durrett is wrong on Diamond...I'd rather see him get a few starts at Frisco and dominate there, and then move up to AAA, rather than start at Oklahoma after just a half-season of decent, but not great, work in the Texas League.