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Sullivan on the bullpen

T.R. Sullivan breaks down the bullpen situation, with Francisco Cordero, Akinori Otsuka, Joaquin Benoit and Brian Shouse having jobs nailed down, leaving just three spots.

Those last three spots will likely go to a second lefty, a righthanded middle man, and a long man.

C.J. Wilson appears to be the most likely guy to get the second lefty spot, although with Erasmo Ramirez, Ron Mahay, Kevin Walker and Fabio Castro all around, and Jesse Carlson in AAA, the Rangers have some other options there...if they are really as down on Juan Dominguez as Buck Showalter is acting like they are, they may want Wilson to go down to AAA and work on getting stretched out, in the thought that he'd take over the 5th starter role by the end of April.

Sullivan indicates that Antonio Alfonseca, Scott Feldman and Jose Silva are the primary candidates for the middle-man role. Jon Leicester, who was the prime candidate for that job this offseason, apparently is pretty much out of the running after a poor spring.

Sullivan pegs John Wasdin, R.A. Dickey and Ramirez as the primary candidates for the long reliever spot. It would seem Dickey would be best served going to AAA and working on his knuckler regularly down there, though.