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Monday morning stuff

The big story from yesterday was Adam Eaton leaving the game early after getting hit with a line drive, but Eaton is apparently okay. The Rangers will see if there is any additional swelling today, then make a decision on when he'll make his next start.

Regardless of what you (or I) think of Eaton, having him knocked out with an injury wouldn't be a good thing.

Kat O'Brien says that Fabio Castro continues to impress the Rangers, and with six straight scoreless innings, he appears to be right in the mix for a bullpen job. The great thing is that a strong spring for Castro is a no-lose situation for the Rangers...they can either keep him in the pen as a long man or possible situational lefty, or they can take advantage of his strong spring performance by trading him and getting more in return than they would have otherwise.

Richard Durrett suggests that Castro and C.J. Wilson are battling for a lefty spot in the pen, but seems to indicate that Castro is impressing the Rangers thusfar. Durrett says Cordero, Otsuka, Benoit and Shouse are pretty much locks, with the roles of second lefty, middle reliever, and long man still in the air. At this point, I have to think that Wilson, Castro, Erasmo Ramirez, John Wasdin, and Antonio Alfonseca are the legitimate contenders for those three spots.

Francisco Cordero is apparently pretty bummed out about not pitching in the WBC. That's definitely of the things that the WBC has highlighted is how much more important the competition is for the countries (other than the U.S.) where baseball is already popular.

Finally, the Red Sox have traded Bronson Arroyo to the Reds for Wily Mo Pena. Outstanding trade for the Red Sox...Arroyo was an extra piece for them, and in Pena, they've got a guy who is still fairly raw, but who has put up pretty good numbers at a very young age in the majors, and shown great power. BP's PECOTA system loves him, pegging him at around a .300 EQA for the next five years, and he should be a great addition to the BoSox lineup.