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Today's box score up

Today's box score is up...and John Wasdin got rocked, giving up 5 runs on 8 hits in 3 1/3 IP.

That's great news for those of us hoping Fabio Castro makes the team...if Wasdin continues to to get shelled, it makes it more likely that Castro takes Wasdin's place as the team's long man.

Leicester and Walker also gave up a couple of runs apiece, with Mahay, Alfonseca and Erasmo each pitching perfect innings.

The Rangers only got five hits, although one of those was from Erubiel Durazo in his only at bat. He replaced Phil Nevin, who went 0 for 3, continuing to disappoint the Nevin-for-MVP committee...for all the talk about his rejuvenation, Nevin is now hitting .250 for the spring...