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DMN Rangers newsletter

There's a new Rangers newsletter up over at the DMN from Evan Grant...

Pretty good stuff this his intro, Grant raves about the makeup of the young Ranger pitcher (with one notable exception), and seems to believe they will have the fortitude to deal with the unique problems pitchers face in TBIA.

There's a Rashad Eldridge question, of all things -- Grant seems to think the Rangers will have a hard decision to make at the end of this season, when Rashad could walk as a 6 year minor league free agent.

There's also the Jason Botts as DH question, with Grant saying that the Rangers are worried about having both Kinsler and Botts in the lineup, and that Phil Nevin has the track record and provides "predictibility" that the Rangers want. I'd say that Nevin offers predictible sucktitude, but hey, what do I know?

In any case, Grant seems to think that Botts is the replacement if Nevin struggles (or if the team falls out of contention)...Grant also says that Botts looks a lot better in the outfield than he did last year, so left field might be a possibility for Botts later this year.

Grant also seems to think Hank Blalock looks more like the "good" Blalock -- the one that hits the ball to all fields, rather than being a dead pull hitter -- and has some stuff about Cordero, the outfield situation, the (practical) difference between AA and AAA, along with some other things...

Check it out...