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Crasnick on Kinsler and Young

Jerry Crasnick has a notes column up on ESPN today, where he talks at some length about Ian Kinsler and Michael Young.

Kinsler (along with Josh Barfield) gets some love as an up-and-coming rookie second baseman...

Young, however, is taken to task for his poor defense at shortstop:

It's one thing to label Texas' Michael Young the 30th-best defensive shortstop in the majors, but John Dewan's "The Fielding Bible" goes to extraordinary lengths to document Young's deficiencies. Dewan reviewed one video clip after another and found that Young routinely shades hitters to his right to take advantage of his strong throwing arm. The drawback to that approach: He misses too many balls up the middle.

"In 2005 the average major-league team allowed 292 hits up the middle or in the shortstop hole," Dewan writes. "The Rangers allowed 374. That was the most in baseball."

I just got Dewan's book this week, but haven't opened it yet...