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A couple of things

A couple of items to throw out there this morning/early afternoon...

T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers are one of several teams that have inquired about John Thomson, and that Thomson is expected to be dealt before the season starts.

The Rangers and Braves would seem to be a match, given that the Braves want relief help and/or a veteran bench player for Thomson, and the Rangers have that to spare, but another wrinkle is that the Rangers supposedly may want the Braves to pick up a chunk of Thomson's $4.5 million contract. I'm hoping that's not a dealbreaker...obviously, if Atlanta has to take a chunk of Thomson's contract, they are going to want a lot more in return.

Jim Reeves has a Rangers column, although I'm not entirely sure what it is about.

Jan Hubbard has some notes on Dickey's start and Wilkerson's shoulder. Buck Showalter seems to think Wilkerson's shoulder isn't a major problem, and I hope he's right...if the Rangers want to do something this year, they really need Wilkerson to be healthy and productive.

Hubbard also has a feature on veteran minor leaguers Adam Hyzdu or Jamie Burke...