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Rangers release Durazo, are sending Wasdin down

The Rangers have released Erubiel Durazo.

Disappointing news...I was hoping that the Rangers would at the very least let him share time at DH with Phil Nevin. But according to T.R. Sullivan:

The Rangers have become satisfied that Nevin can fill the DH role, despite hitting just .229 this spring. Nevin has four home runs and 10 RBIs.

Nevin's swing looks very slow, and I'd be shocked if he hit over .250 this year. The Rangers have to hope that he'll draw enough walks to make his OBP respectable, and that he'll hit the ball a long way on those occasions when he does get a hit.

He could be useful, but expecting him to be a quality DH and #4 hitter seems unrealistic.

Evan Grant reports that John Wasdin will not be making the team, either. That would seem to pave the way for either Fabio Castro or Scott Feldman to make the team.