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Kevin Sherrington says: Put Dominguez in the rotation

I've been arguing the Dominguez issue for quite some time. Sometimes, when reading the DFW media, I feel like I'm just whizzing in the wind.

But then, I read something like Kevin Sherrington's column on why Juan Dominguez should be in the Ranger rotation, and it reassures me, that there's someone else out there who sees what I think I'm seeing.

Sherrington's column is very good, succinct, and to the point...quite simply, as he points out, regardless of how frustrated we may be with his off-the-field problems, Juan Dominguez is the best option for the #5 spot the Rangers have right now.

That may change in a couple of months, and if it does, then so be it.

But for now, Dominguez should be the guy.