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Tuesday morning stuff

Lots of news this morning, a lot of it centering around the David Dellucci trade rumors...

Dellucci apparently met with Buck yesterday about the trade talk, although Jon Daniels has said that the trade rumors were inaccurate and that "he has no plans to trade Dellucci," although of course, that gives him a fair amount of wiggle room should the right deal present itself.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentions Dellucci being available, and says that the Cardinals have had interest in Dellucci in the past. Of course, they also say that the Cards couldn't get a trade for Dellucci done last July because "Rangers GM Jon Daniels proved a difficult partner," which is a bit curious, given that Daniels wasn't the g.m. at the time.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Phillies are also interested in Dellucci, while the L.A. Times is reporting that the Angels have interest in Dellucci, although it would seem to be very unlikely he'd be traded within the division.

Jim Reeves says that Buck Showalter is fretting right now, mainly about Phil Nevin's recent cold streak and the uncertainty in the outfield. But Reeves also touches on the Dellucci rumors, saying that this would be a "sell high" instance with Dellucci, but that the Rangers would need to get another outfielder from somewhere else (and throws out the name of Joey Gathright).

I would have to disagree with Reeves on the issue of needing another outfielder if Dellucci is dealt. I'd prefer to see Laynce Nix spend a couple of months in AAA, but if he's healthy and ready to go, you could plug him in CF, with Wilkerson and Mench on the corners, and Nevin at DH (which isn't my first choice, but is what the Rangers seem committed to).

At that point, a healthy GMJ makes Dellucci superfluous, particularly given that you have Adrian Brown, Adam Hyzdu and Rashad Eldridge around as insurance, and Jason Botts ready to step in at DH later this season.

So if you can get something of value for Dellucci, I think you have to think long and hard about that move.

Kat O'Brien updates the rotation and bullpen situation. R.A. Dickey and Juan Dominguez both pitch today, and the 5th starter job will go to one of those two. Jon Daniels says that whoever wins the job will start the exhibition game on Saturday.

In the meantime, O'Brien also indicates that the bullpen is pretty much firmed up. C.J. Wilson will be the second lefty if he is healthy, so presumably, if he's not healthy, Erasmo Ramirez gets that spot. Antonio Alfonseca appears to have won a job in the pen, as well, and O'Brien says that club officials are saying that Fabio Castro will probably be the long man.

I don't particularly care for Alfonseca in the pen, but overall, this arrangement makes sense, and should give the Rangers' a pretty solid bullpen. I'm particularly happy that the Rangers appear to be opting to keep Fabio Castro around as a long man...

Evan Grant has a story about Rod Barajas wearing contact lenses now. I have nothing to add to that story.