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Eaton headed to the D.L.

Evan Grant has the info on Adam Eaton's injury:

Not more than two hours after naming R.A. Dickey the fifth starter, solving one spring-long issue, No. 2 starter Adam Eaton walked off the mound after just 1 1/3 innings of work against San Diego.

Eaton was having discomfort in his right middle finger. He missed much of last season with San Diego with a torn tendon sheath in the same finger.

Though the extent of Eaton's injury was not immediately known, it seems almost certain he will open the season on the disabled list. He has pitched just 3 2/3 innings since March 9.

This is bad news, but is also shouldn't be all that shocking. While Chris Young's supposed lack of durability was the reason he was shipped out of town this offseason, Adam Eaton has struggled with injuries throughout his career.