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Jim Reeves' ridiculous suggestion

Jim Reeves says John Danks should replace the injured Adam Eaton...

That's an absolutely horrible idea.

The guy is 20 years old. In his career, he's pitched 98 1/3 innings above A-ball -- all in AA -- and has a 5.49 ERA in those 98 1/3 innings.

He's likely not ready. He's not on the 40 man roster, so the Rangers would have to clear a spot for him -- not a big deal -- but then they'd also have to keep him on the 25 man roster all season, or else burn an option on him.

Someone -- I'm not sure who -- made a comment in another thread earlier today, when someone said Danks should be the 5th starter, asking when folks will learn that rushing a pitcher who isn't ready, then yo-yoing them between the majors and minors and running out of patience with them when they (as should have been expected) prove not to be ready, isn't a formula for success.

Reeves' column today indicates that he hasn't figured that out yet.

Hopefully, the Rangers have.