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C.J. Wilson to the d.l.

C.J. Wilson is heading to the disabled list.

No big surprise there...although this would seem to make both Fabio Castro and Erasmo Ramirez members of the bullpen come opening day, which is probably a good thing.

Evan Grant also says that the Rangers are "leaning towards" keeping Laynce Nix on the 25 man roster, which makes no sense to me, since Grant also says that the starting outfield will be Dellucci, Wilkerson and Mench.

If those are the starters, then the one guy you'd want to spell regularly -- Dellucci -- is the one guy Nix isn't likely to replace, since both Dellucci and Nix are lefthanders.

If Dellucci is going to be in the outfield, the fourth outfielder needs to be a righthanded hitter, or else he isn't going to get any playing time.

And Nix needs to be playing every day, either in Texas or Oklahoma.