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The day after "Black Wednesday"

So yesterday, not only do we find out that Juan Dominguez has been sent down to the minors so that R.A. Dickey can experiment with his knuckleball in a major league rotation, but we also have Adam Eaton going down with another tendon injury.

Will Carroll touches on the Eaton injury, but basically says that there is a theory out there that fingers can be "the 'weak link' in the kinetic chain for some pitchers, leading to a breakdown," and that there's no timetable for Eaton's return.

Kat O'Brien says that the Rangers have to either make a trade, or go with Dominguez, Volquez or Danks, which doesn't narrow the field a whole lot.

O'Brien also says that the bullpen is pretty much set, with Cordero, Otsuka, Benoit, Alfonseca, Shouse, and Castro all sticking in the pen, along with either Scott Feldman or Erasmo Ramirez (or possibly both, if the Rangers start the year with an 8 man pen).

A point that a couple of folks made in threads about the Dickey situation, that I think has some merit (although I'm loathe to admit it), is that Dickey making the team gives the Rangers some latitude in keeping Fabio Castro around. Dickey can probably pitch in long relief in between his starts, which affords the Rangers the luxury of not necessarily needing a specific long-man. I'm sure they'd like Castro to grow into that role, but if he's better suited to just be an extra lefty in the pen used in LOOGY situations, then Dickey's presence helps a lot.

Kevin Sherrington laments the injury, and points out that it makes getting Roger Clemens to Texas much less likely. On the other hand, he acknowledges that Dominguez is probably now in the rotation, and you have to Dickey/Dominguez really that much of a downgrade from Eaton/Dickey? Personally, I wouldn't have been surprised if Dominguez had a better year than Eaton, if both had been healthy and in the rotation.

O'Brien also reports that the Rangers aren't going to put Eaton on the d.l. until they see his MRI, although that seems to be just a formality.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says Eaton claims he wouldn't be surprised if he's out for two months. Bleah.

On other options for the #5 spot, the New York Post says Roger Clemens is just using the Rangers to juice more money out of Drayton McLane, even though Tom Hicks is apparently willing to pay the most for Clemens' services.