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Friday morning news

Just now getting stuff up, because I've been in Court all morning...

David Dellucci trade rumors continue to swirl...the Philadelphia Daily News reports that Dellucci-to-Philly talks were suspended, due to the various outfielder injuries the Rangers are dealing with. The Philadelphia Inquirer says that the Rangers wanted Robinson Tejada for Dellucci, while the Phillies are reluctant to give up pitching.

Evan Grant says that the starting outfield is up in the air, with Buck refusing to commit to anything until he sees how healthy guys are on Opening Day.

I think Dellucci's status will end up being dependent on Laynce Nix's health. If the Rangers are convinced he's healthy, I think the Rangers will look to move Dellucci for pitching help, and roll with a Wilkerson/Nix/Mench outfield, with GMJ as the 4th outfielder and Nevin (and eventually Botts) as the DH.

Kat O'Brien says that the players are still optimistic, despite the Eaton injury.

O'Brien also reports that Jon Leicester cleared waivers and has been outrighted. That's good news...the Rangers supposedly like Leicester's arm, and would like to see him get some things worked out in AAA. If he can do that, he could be a contributor later this season, or possibly trade bait.

The Rangers also made some releases of minor leaguers, with the most prominent players being lefty pitcher Brian Mattoon and righthander Mark Roberts. Mattoon was someone who projected as a possible lefty reliever down the road, while Roberts, an 8th round pick out of OU in 2004, had impressed the Rangers enough to get one of the team's 6 AFL slots this past fall. Roberts being released is pretty surprising...I'm not sure what the story there is...