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A few quick items

Kirby Puckett suffered a stroke on Sunday, and has reportedly undergone surgery.

The Marlins terminated the contract of Pokey Reese, after he left the team for "personal reasons."

"Personal reasons" appears to be this year's "oblique strain," as Eric Gagne has just returned to the Dodgers after leaving for "personal reasons", and Zack Greinke is still gone for "personal reasons," with Jon Heyman reporting scouting scuttlebutt has Greinke "might have regrets about missing school after signing as the No. 6 pick overall and rejecting a Clemson scholarship."

Ken Rosenthal becomes the 1000th person to weigh in on the Soriano situation...

And one final thought...imagine, if you will, a bullpen of:

Antonio Alfonseca, Thomas Diamond, Scott Feldman, Wes Littleton, Rick Bauer, C.J. Wilson, and Jesse Carlson.

Not a great bullpen, by any means...but it would probably not be the worst one in the league, not 2005-Cleveland-Indians-bullpen bad. It would be a major league caliber pen...

And those are 7 guys who likely won't even make the Rangers pitching staff to start the season.