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A few things this morning

Some Rangers stuff this a.m.

Richard Durrett says that Josh Rupe didn't help or hurt himself yesterday, in the competition for the 5th starter slot...

Jan Hubbard also covers the fifth starter race, although really, at this point, the news on that front is that there is no news. No one has distinguished themselves, and there seems to be no clear leader for the job.

Durrett also had a couple of notes on LSB faves Gerald Laird and Wes Littleton, noting that Laird threw out another runner trying to steal, making him 3 for 3 on the spring, while Littleton got roughed up again.

In the S-T game notes, meanwhile, Kat O'Brien and Jan Hubbard report that Buck had some love for Drew Meyer, while Mark DeRosa talks about his desire to be the starter at second base this season.

From the sound of things, DeRosa is going to be out of luck...Ian Kinsler seems to be doing everything he needed to do to win the second base job, and all the reviews on him have been very positive thusfar.