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This and that

As everyone probably knows by now, Roger Clemens is going to visit the Rangers' complex in Surprise today. I don't think there's much to it, and don't think it is worth dwelling on...

Edison Volquez had a great outing yesterday, with Mark Connor saying that "he was perfect" in his three inning stint.

Evan Grant also says that Francisco Cordero and C.J. Wilson are supposed to pitch in a simulated game today, and that they then will pitch in a "B" game on Sunday if that goes well.

Jan Hubbard notes that about 30 Rangers watched Kevin Millwood pitch in a simulated game yesterday. Millwood apparently will make his first game appearance in Sunday's "B" game...

Finally, the Providence Journal is reporting that, according to multiple sources, the Rangers are one of the teams that have "shown interest" in acquiring Red Sox second baseman Tony Graffanino. I'd guess that the Rangers put some feelers out, in case Kinsler fell on his face in spring training and they needed to get someone better than Mark DeRosa to play second, but I have a hard time believing that the Rangers are actively pursuing Graffanino at this point.