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A few items...

Kat O'Brien points out that the Rangers were last in baseball in runs per game as of the start of play yesterday.

Not I said earlier, the Rangers are losing because they aren't hitting and aren't scoring runs.

Jim Reeves says that the Rangers should strive to be like the Angels. Bleah.

Charlie Hough is critical of the Rangers' handling of R.A. Dickey:

"It's asking a lot of him to pitch eight games with it or whatever he had, and then go dominate big league hitters with the knuckleball," Hough said.

Which is why he never should have been in the rotation in the first place, which is why sending him down was the right thing to do, regardless of what DMN resident buffoon Gerry Fraley says.

Kevin Mench, meanwhile, has turf toe, and may not play again until Friday. He's had it since the second game of the season, which may explain why he's struggling right now.