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Good Friday Rangers items

A few quick items before I leave town for the Easter holiday...

Kevin Sherrington says don't panic. Of course, he also says that Buck's job is safe through 2007, and that the only reason John Hart isn't the g.m. any more is because Tom Hicks decided the media "wouldn't deal with him" anymore. Bleah.

Evan Grant has a piece on Antonio Alfonseca, and his six fingers, while Kat O'Brien talks to Brad Wilkerson about his slow start...

Kat O'Brien also says that C.J. Wilson could be activated today, and it sounds like Scott Feldman would be sent out to make room for him rather than Fabio Castro, with Buck Showalter saying:

"I think we're committed to Fabio at this point."

That's good news. I'd think, if the roster is managed properly, the Rangers can keep Castro around this year.