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A couple of Saturday morning quick hits

Just a few quick items this morning...

The DMN says Buck is happy now that he has a second lefty "he could trust" in the bullpen, with C.J. Wilson coming up and Scott Feldman coming down.

Obviously, the implication there is that Buck still doesn't trust Fabio Castro to pitch in anything other than garbage time, while he does trust Wilson, at this point. On the other hand, we also heard about how he could trust R.A. Dickey, so I don't know how meaningful that really is...

Grant also says that Jon Koronka will get the start on Tuesday, with Rick Bauer going to the bullpen. With off days on the 17th and 27th, the Rangers can avoid using a 5th starter until Saturday the 22nd, and then not need a 5th starter again until May 2, by which time they will hopefully feel that Robinson Tejeda is ready to join the rotation.

Grant also says that Mark DeRosa hurt his leg again yesterday, although it may not be anything significant, and that Josh Rupe is progressing and should start throwing off a mound next week.

Grant also has a piece on the struggles of the outfielders for the Rangers so far this year. The complete lack of production from the outfield is probably the biggest reason the Rangers have gotten off to a poor start this year.

Still, despite the poor start, the Rangers are just 1.5 games out of first right now. It is still early...the Rangers have plenty of time to right the ship, and last night was a good first step...