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Odds and ends

Okay, I've returned home, and should be back to blogging like usual tomorrow.

In the meantime, a few odds and ends I wanted to comment on...

Carlos Pena has signed a minor league deal with the Yankees, and apparently is likely to move into a part-time role later this season at first base, with Jason Giambi playing more DH. It is remarkable that the best player in that big Oakland/Texas trade a few years ago probably ended up being Gerald Laird.

Will Carroll has a new chat session up, with several Rangers items, along with a couple of questions from FOLSB Rob Cook...

Buster Olney and Will Carroll both are also indicating that Ryan Drese is getting an MRI today, and is likely to be diagnosed with a torn UCL, necessitating Tommy John surgery. Awful break for Drese...between last year's labrum problems and the elbow issues this year, his career would seem to be in significant jeopardy.

Zack Greinke is apparently ready to return, although it will be a while before he's in the majors. He'll apparently go to extended spring training, then go on a rehab assignment. He's on the 60 day d.l., so it would be late May at the earliest before he can return, regardless of when he's ready.

K-Rod hurt his hamstring, but he's apparently not hurt badly enough to go to the d.l. It will be interesting to see, though, if K-Rod's already poor mechanics end up suffering as the result of possible overcompensation for the hamstring problem. It will be worth keeping on eye on his performance the first few games back.

Baseball Prospectus says the Rangers have been the best team in the A.L. West so far. They are just 1.5 games back right now, and just a half-game behind Seattle for third. Let's hear it for getting out of last place!!!

I still think Brad Wilkerson is going to have a good season.