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Tuesday morning stuff

So we go into a three game set with Seattle just 1 game out of first place in the A.L. West, despite having the second-worst record in the American League right now. Despite struggling out of the gate, no one in the A.L. West has done like the Mets and gotten off to a 10-2 start and buried the stragglers early.

Of course, it is moot if the Rangers continue to get zero production from their outfield, or if the starting pitching implodes like so many folks seem to expect. But I still see this as an 85 win team, and with some breaks, we could be in a pennant race this year.

Evan Grant has more on the "trust" meme, saying that the pitchers are showing that the hitters can "trust" them, and thus relax and hit better (although that doesn't seem to be the case thusfar). Anyway, take away R.A. Dickey's start and the Rangers starters have a 4.37 ERA, which is better than anyone could have realistically hoped for coming into the season. If they can post around a 4.75 ERA for the season, the Rangers should be in the playoff hunt all year long.

Over in the S-T, Kat O'Brien has some notes on Brad Wilkerson's and Laynce Nix's bad starts, although Buck is saying that sending Nix back to AAA is "not yet an option." If it isn't yet, it probably should be, once Kevin Mench gets healthy again.

O'Brien also has a piece on D'Angelo Jimenez, and the car accident that de-railed his career at a time he was considered one of the top prospects in baseball.

After a hot start, Adrian Gonzalez has gone 3 for his last 19, and is currently posting a .298/.340/.468 line. Chris Young, meanwhile, had a terrific outing yesterday at Colorado, and his ERA is now at 2.95 for the season.

But just think...Adam Eaton will be on the d.l. the entire first half of the season, so you know he'll be fresh and durable in August...